Electric Sheep Co’s internet connected DTV avatar bot.


The first 2 pictures show me with the DTV Sheep avatar bot, and the third shows what I was seeing via DTV Sheep’s stream (click on thumbnails to enlarge) … Yeh I know its Internet Explorer and not Firefox, but for some reason the DTV site don’t seem to like Firefox too much on my PeeCee. 😦

From the DTV web site:

DTV is an experiment to display and interact with the virtual world of Second Life in a traditional 2D browser.

Second Life, video conversion, and broadcasting require a lot of processing power, so DTV uses uses 2 computers and a video converter box. The following howto explains how the streaming video works. The web controls are achieved using a combination of LSL and PHP that communicate via XML-RPC and HTTP requests.

  1. DTV is running on PC. Any machine that runs SL at a decent frame rate will work.
  2. The DTV PC sends it’s video and audio to a video converter box. we’re using a Canopus ADV110. The converter box takes the analog video signal, digitizes it and sends it out via Firewire.
  3. An iMac G5 takes the firewire video signal and use Quicktime Broadcaster. to send the video to a streaming server. Any Mac will do for running Broadcaster, though Apple recommends a G5 processor or better for using H.264 broadcasting.
  4. Quicktime Broadcaster sends the video to a streaming server that has the bandwidth to support many simultaneous connections.
  5. The stream is then embedded in the website for viewers like you!

2 Responses to “Electric Sheep Co’s internet connected DTV avatar bot.”

  1. lyncGuaxiacic Says:

    Fantastic page. i will visit again…

  2. copy dvd Says:

    It’s your discovery, good job!

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