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Best in Plaid

March 31, 2007

Drew and Gomem in plaid, the best in SL
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Clearing out from Podshow Island.

March 30, 2007

Yesterday I received notice to clear my things out from the former mall at Podshow Island. The mall itself got the big poof a few days previous, so it looked like a ghost-town with just the vendors objects left. rather surreal IMO. Thing is at the moment know one knows what the future is for Podshow Island (if any), is it been sold ? … Who knows ? Although on the island itself some terraforming has been going on to flatten the land from its default humpy ‘natural’ state.
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Dragonfan is feeling the feminine genes now.

March 29, 2007

I guess hes/shes been hanging round the known sex changing Desoto’s for too long… that been Gomema, Peswold, and apparently Rich/Ruth Desoto 😉
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Coffee with Crayon

March 29, 2007

Hope it’s Folgers, with a dash of Splenda. 😀
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Imposta and Drews

March 28, 2007

Its Decosta Imposta and a rather good Drew Ogg Clone
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My Imposta Brother. Gomem Decosta

March 28, 2007

It seems my cheapo faux fake clone copybot brother shows up at FF menswear.
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Lunchtime mashups with Cybster DJ

March 28, 2007

…currently playing his wonderful Beatles mashups. Thing I love about Cybsters mashups… One never knows whats coming next.
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Precious moments with the one i love

March 27, 2007

Under the moon and stars.. I just had to capture this romantic moment. Rae and I slow dancing to David Bowie.
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Shadow Falls has been nixed.

March 27, 2007

About 100 mts below the man in red, can be seen the whole of Podshow Island. It seems that the powers that be at Podshow, Inc. the island’s owners have got other ideas about the islands future. A couple of weeks ago as a renter I recieved this note from Alora. ‘Sorry to have to be the one to tell everyone this. Dark, Magicstar, myself and alot of other people have spent about a year of hard work on this Island and it was great while it lasted. But as all things eventualy do it is changeing once again..Podshow Island as we know it is going to be no more. has decided to do something different with the Island. It will be moved and changed to fit their new plan.’
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A great turn out at open-open mic night.

March 27, 2007

On Los Arboles, currently on stage Micala Lumiere.
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