No EastEnders here.. this is Knightsbridge.

Standing at the junction of Brompton Road, and Knightsbridge, I’m checking out this new build which attempts to capture flavour of this well known high-class area of London. There are 3 sims in the group, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Mayfair. Knightsbridge is the most complete sim. Of course I like London, plenty of red buses, red phone-booths, red mail-boxes, red- routes. There is also a new club opening soon with a British 60s retro theme, thank you to Maryrose Mariani for showing me round.
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4 Responses to “No EastEnders here.. this is Knightsbridge.”

  1. Paolo Bade Says:

    I don’t think this project will have a great success, considering the crazy prices they ask for a lot even the smaller one.

  2. rapidlaser Says:

    Yes I am inclined to agree it seems a bit dead there too, not attracting many visitors, there has to be something to attract people to the area. you never know, time will tell.

  3. Amazing Aster Says:

    Sorry I disagree.

    This is the most amazing project I have come across and as Paulo was rejected for a job here I think his comment was just sour grapes, especially as he rented a lot here in spite of the ‘crazy prices’.

    rapidlaser, a friend of Paulo’s – if you count dead as a full program of events without getting lagged out.. then maybe. Lovely people are there to greet you with a welcoming face when you arrive. Some great events like movie night, trivia night and romance night in the club. Good luck to Debs and her team. Great job. I will keep coming here as long as I am in Second Life.

  4. rapidlaser Says:

    I have never heard of Paulo before reading this article, Amazing Aster you are a LIAR, pleas provide proof that I am “friend” of Paulo. do you make a habit of publishing LIES on the internet?

    I just gave my opinion after walking around the area, the stats for that area speak for themselves.

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